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Hoe He’e nalu.

Hoe He’e nalu is a Hawaiian term to describe the sport of Stand Up Paddle Boarding, surfing with a paddle or SUP for short.

SUP is the fastest growing watersport in the world, and wants you’ve tried it you will understand why.  People of all ages, skill levels, and experience can be up and paddling usually very quickly. Any body of water is fair game on a SUP; lakes, slow moving rivers, bays, ocean, whitewater and of course, surf.  At Dog Star Adventure we will supply everything you need to experience this amazing activity, you just bring enthusiasm and a desire to learn.

SUP can be as mellow as the lazy river you float down, you can take in a nap, get close to the fish that have alluded you or socialize with friends while exploring the riparian zones birds, mammals and flora & fauna.   SUP can also become an important element of your workout regime.  Bring plenty of water and sports gels because you will burn plenty of carbs during a SUP workout. For the adventurous SUP on Whitewater Rivers, within the surf zone or tour a coastline. Oregon’s southern coastline is a perfect touring spot with haystacks and small islands to explore.

With Dog Star Adventure Tours we will customize your SUP experience to your expectations. Like our other programs you can choice a custom experience or choose from our almost daily lessons near Portland, Oregon.