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Mountain Bike Clinic-Intermediate Skills Builder

Join Dog Star Adventure Tours for our amazing Skills Builder Mountain Biking clinic. Regardless of your current skill level our progression sessions will be tailored specifically to your riding level. This clinic will improve your skills, boost your confidence and get you riding trails, not “hike a biking”. We will utilize the remarkable riding terrain available to us at Sandy Ridge, the premier riding area for Portland area riders.

In the morning sessions we will focus on:

  • Bike set up and understanding your suspension
  • Bike handling: skills building
  • The Attack Position: Out of the saddle riding techniques
  • Braking: how and when to use them
  • Cornering: approach both fast and slow corners with confidence and control
  • Climbing: techniques and skills
  • Descending: stay in control
  • The Trackstand: Improve your slow speed balance and control
  • Overcoming Rough Sections: use body control to glide difficult terrain
  • Pressure Control: understand when to weight & unweight your bike

We will provide healthy and tasty lunch daily and munchies during maintenance/nutrition/injury prevention sessions

In the afternoon sessions we will test your new skills on the trails. We will select the best trails for your skill level, giving you the best opportunity to practice and gain confidence.

Select between our day clinics or maximize your skill building with our 3-day immersion clinic. (Accommodations available in Sandy or across the Hwy 26 at Wendell’s. If you prefer camping, let us know and we can direct you to camping in the area.)

What To Bring:

  • Bike in working order, full suspension is preferred. Shoes that work with your chosen pedal type. If you are uncomfortable performing new skills clipped in, please bring FLAT PEDALS with appropriate shoes such as running shoes, low hiking shoes or 5.10 bike shoes are great.
  • Helmet that fits
  • Gloves recommended
  • Hydration Pack or CAMELBAK recommended
  • A spare tube, tire levers, small pump, multi-tool and basic first aid supplies (keep them in your pack)
  • Snacks (Clif Bar product provided)
  • Sunglasses/Sunblock
  • Elbow and Knee pads recommended
  • Padded cycling shorts for protection and comfort
  • Appropriate clothing for the weather