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Kids Adventure Club

Join us for Kids Adventure Club...Activities for kids 7 to 17.  Has your child ever wanted to try a new sport and then lost interest immediately after you bought all the gear?  Have you tried taking the kids for a hike and questioned your sanity after a half hour of whining?  Has your child wanted to try an activity that you have zero background in? Does it feel next to impossible to get your child away from their phone, I-Pad, or computer games? If you are nodding your head right now...congratulations you are the parent of a "millennium" child. Through our Kids Adventure Club we take the your child out and introduce them to nature, and fun activities for you.  One week it might be rafting, kayaking, Stand Up Paddle-boarding, hiking or indoor rock climbing. Another week it might be pottery, painting or outdoor photography. We will post the information and pricing here and on our Facebook Page.  The average price is $30 to $60 depending on the cost of rental equipment. Stay tuned!!!!