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Oregon Wine Country Cycling Tour

Dog Star Adventure Tours is very excited to add wine country tours to our growing list of fantastic road bike opportunities.  The visceral scenery of this area combined with a low volume of vehicles makes the area around Dundee, Lafayette and Dayton the perfect triangle for amazing road biking.   The vast number of world-class vineyards, century old farms and unique Bed & Breakfasts makes this area a must ride location in Oregon. Picture yourself riding the rural roads of the Giro d’Italia or through France’s Tuscany region and you get an idea of the quality of riding within Oregon’s Northern wine country.  Our routes will take you past a staggering number of wineries, past lazy flowing rivers and with enough silence to allow yourself to relax and feel a oneness between you, your bike and your riding companions.

We have ridden these roads countless times and have discovered a great variety of loops to enjoy.  Whether you are a seasoned climber, casual group rider or relaxed couple wanting to experience wine country on two wheels, Dog Star Adventure Tour guides will optimize your riding experience.  This is not an area to ride through in a single afternoon but a mecca to ride, relax and enjoy world-class wines after you have stepped off the bike.  Dog Star Adventure is extremely fortunate to have outstanding relationships with wineries and B&B’s throughout the region and invite you to make it a “wine and ride” or ”ride and wine” weekend depending on your preferred leisure activity.  Either way, the scenery from the saddle followed by visits to wineries, ending with dramatic views overlooking the valley from the veranda at The Black Walnut Inn & Vineyard in beautiful Dundee will reinforce this notion; that a Dog Star Adventure Tour in Oregon’s Wine Country is a touch of Europe in our own back yard.

Our Oregon Wine Country cycling tours are easily customized to fit your riding style and the amount of energy you are looking to expend.   Please know your riding level, the amount of time you would like to dedicate to riding and the style of bike you are most comfortable on.  If you have your own bike, great bring it. If not, we have arranged with Velocé Bicycles in Portland to supply bikes for your wine country experience.  They have relaxed city bikes, Aluminum road bikes and premium carbon bikes to select from. Let us know your preference and size and trust us to take care of the rest.

(Price of the tour excludes the cost of the bike rental…add $35 to $60 depending on the style of bike you prefer.)

Items to bring on your cycling adventure:

  • Bike (if you have one and want to ride it)
  • Helmet  (we will supply with the bike option)
  • Water bottles (2)
  • Good comfortable cycling shoes or sturdy shoes if using flat pedals.
  • Raingear and warm insulated clothing
  • Gloves, hat, warm socks and shoe covers with cycling shoes.
  • Camera or smartphone
  • Did I mention raingear!!!  This area didn’t get to be a world-class wine-growing region without our legendary weather.
  • Enthusiasm and the desire to have fun!!!!

The price for this tour depends on several factors:

  • Length of the ride you want to experience. From a shorter flat ride (2 to 3 hour), 20 plus mile loop (3 to 4 hour) or our 40 plus mile loop (time dictated by group pace) and beyond…at Dog Star, we love to ride we will ride all day if that is your desire.
  • Do you want to explore the wineries on your own or have your Dog Star Adventure guide take you around to some hidden gems and favorite wineries?
  • If you want to ride multiple days we will provide you a reduced rate.
  • If you have multiple individuals in your party we will also provide you a reduced rate…make memories with your loved ones and friends.

Our wine country tours start at $125 per person. Please contact us with your specific wishes to customize your Oregon wine Country Tour experience!