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Night Photography Class - Alpenglow & Cityscapes

Photography as the sun begins to set has the potential for amazing photos, whether a city scape or powerful skyline or capturing a mountain peak during an alpenglow moment makes for exciting photographs. At Dog Star Adventure we will walk you through the steps and techniques to maximize this challenging aspect of photography.  We will take photos of the Portland City Skyline, Salmon Street Fountain, various Portland Bridges, and/or Cascade Peaks mirrored off of still lakes.

Perfect for beginner to advanced amateurs/hobbyist.

We will also practice many different techniques depending on your subject, available light and “story you are telling”.  We will briefly review the symbiotic relationship between F-stops and shutter speeds, as well as other photography basics.  There are no prerequisites for this class but you will maximize your time if you have a working knowledge of your camera. Our F-Stop and Shutter Speed Basics and Beyond would be a great place to begin your photography education process with us. We will have a short review but our “window” of optimum sunlight is limited.


Any DSLR or digital point and shoot camera with adjustable shutter speeds and apertures required. TRIPOD REQUIRED. If you don’t have a Tripod let me know, I have several at my disposal. Bring any lenses you have, especially any wide angle (10-35mm) or “fast” lenses (F1.4 – F2.8). If you are unsure what that means or whether yours is “fast”, please contact me prior to the class.


$90 for local photography locations. $125 and above for "other" locations.  Children under 18 are always welcome on a Dog Star Adventure trip or class but must be accompanied by a paid and registered adult.


TBA. Will depend on the class you sign-up for. Please see calendar of events for more details.


Please bring your camera manuals. If you don’t have your manual, typically you can print it out from your manufacturer’s website.  Or bring it on your mobile device and save a tree or two.


  1. DSLR or digital point and shoot camera with adjustable shutter speeds and apertures required.
  2. Tripod required
  3. Fully charged batteries and backups, enough for 2.5 hours of shooting.
  4. Enough memory cards for 300 images
  5. Good walking shoes and proper attire for the weather- hooded raincoat, waterproof shoes, warm clothes as needed.
  6. Bring any extra lens you have. CRITICAL REMINDER please clean your lens and filter prior to class. Also bring a cleaning cloth if you have one.
  7. A small notebook and pen or smart phone with notebook or evernotes loaded.
  8. External flash for your DSLR if you own one. Please bring your flash manual if you are not completely comfortable using it.


Classes are rain or shine. Dog Star Adventure classes are only canceled under extreme weather conditions and according to the discretion of the instructor. Your instructor will contact you. On the rare occasion that a photo class is canceled, you will receive a credit to participate in another photo class or tour of your choice of equal or lesser value.