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Have you always been intrigued by the sport of Mountain Biking?  Have you wanted to climb a forested trail and scream down the descent? (literally and figuratively) Does your significant other ride, but you are intimidated to take the plunge?  Are you concerned your skills are limited and therefore Mountain Biking is too dangerous? Or you are too slow to “keep up”? If any of the above were YES, then Dog Star Adventure Tours has a better option for you. We love to Mountain Bike! There is nothing more fun, invigorating, peaceful and focusing like the sport of Mountain Biking.  When you are on trail, your focus is 10 feet ahead of you; not at work, home, or school.  You are focused in the moment; your mind is solving the jigsaw puzzle of rocks, roots, terrain and providing you with the intricate details to successfully ride the trail.  This hyper focus coupled with the physical exertion is an amazing stress releaser and extremely FUN. Mountain biking at every level is a test, a balance between you, gravity and the terrain.  But this shouldn’t imply that it has to be “extreme”, for every adrenalin infused rider on the trail there is triple that number just enjoying riding in the woods, away from traffic, city distractions.  That is the beauty of mountain biking, you are in amazing forests, climb to breath taking ridges and hear the sounds of nature all around you…plus you are working your butt off.  It really is the perfect activity and is a sport for ALL ages, and skill levels.  The skills necessary to be successful do take time, muscle memory and your confidence growing through successful negotiation of the trail. That is why Dog Star Adventure can be a great asset to you.

We are very excited to include Mountain Biking to the array of activities available through Dog Star Adventure Tours.  We have worked closely with the BLM to offer our guests the ability to enjoy the following mountain biking areas; Sandy Ridge, Wildwood Recreation Area, Molalla Recreation Area and Alsea Falls.  That combined with Stewart Stubb State Park, Browns Camp, Gales Creek, Storey Burn, Duthie Hill and the Wilson River trail gives Dog Star Adventure Tours a host of great mountain biking options for you to explore.

Whether you are interested in: Beginner, Women Only, Skill Builder, or Intro. To Freeride.  We have a class or trip that will increase not only your skills but also your confidence. As is the thread through all of our services, you can join a class/session or opt for a custom option. We will custom your experience to fit your present skill set and the level of rider you strive to become. Sharing this growth with another rider is very special, gives you an immediate connection and stories to relive later. Either option you choose, we are very excited to share our knowledge with you, as we work together to enhance your skills and increase your riding capabilities. See you on the trails!!!

Recent Testimonial:

Joel (and John): what a great weekend of learning in a great atmosphere of support and encouragement. You are both great instructors and it was a pleasure to learn from you. I have fond memories of bombing down Hide and Seek at a much faster speed than I am use to riding, trying to keep up. Great to have all the new things to think about, while I am riding.

Warren and I are talking up the clinic with all of our biking friends. Wishing you the best with the upcoming clinic this weekend. Thanks, Linda