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MOAB Mountain Bike Tour

A few iconic figures have gained the status of single word recognition…Magic, Jordan, or Tiger. You hear that name and you instantly flash to the face, or a moment suspended in time. For mountain bikers MOAB has the same effect. It is either a spot we have ridden and can’t wait to return to or it’s on the short list of must ride locations. At Dog Star Adventures we understand the pull of slickrock and the joy/fear that can be associated with riding in Moab, UT. For those of us that ride in the Northwest, slickrock is a foreign environment. But after a few hours, we stop missing riding through lush NW forests and look forward to the next ledge drop or crazy off cambered corner. Moab is awesome!!!

We are thrilled to offer this iconic trip, and have partnered with Magpie Cycling Adventures in Moab to offer two trips this fall. The first trip is Sept. 7-13 and the second is Oct 12-18. The Sept. trip will include the White Rim Trail 3-Day option. The White Rim is an epic ride that brings together all of the elements of Moab cycling, the trip will be completely van supported, you just ride! The second trip will be a day trips/rides out of Moab with the option of Road Biking or hiking added to the itinerary. We will visit the classic Moab trails with great instruction added to boost your Slickrock experience.

Dog Star will provide van transportation from Portland, or if you prefer flying we will pick you up at the Salt Lake City airport. We will bring your bike or reserve a bike through Poison Spider for you. Housing and Breakfast/Lunch is provided and we will arrange for post ride massage.

Moab in the Fall is amazing…Reserve your spot early and get out and ride!