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Introduction To Photography Class : F-Stop & Shutter Speed Basics and Beyond

This is Dog Star Adventure Tours basic introduction to “active” photography. F-Stop and Shutter Speeds Basics and Beyond builds you a solid base of knowledge to transition from a “picture taker” to a photographer. Our goal with this class is to demystify “all those buttons” on your DSLR. The goal is to give you control over your photos and learn to use it in conjunction with your available light to create amazing photographs. You will learn to shoot in the three manual control settings: aperture-priority, shutter-priority and manual. Along with the how, we will go over why you would choose one over another. Once you understand the ease in which you can take control your photographs you will no longer use “point and shoot” features on your DSLR!

The following aspects of your camera and the photographic process will be covered: F-stops, shutter speeds, choosing the correct exposure, importance of depth of field, lighting, and the very important elements of composition. These are all important skills to integrate into your artistic and technical basics arsenal for better photography. This class is designed with beginner to advanced amateurs in mind.

EQUIPMENT: DSLR or digital point and shoot camera required. Bring any lenses you have.

If you are new photography and haven’t committed to a specific camera yet, then try renting. You can rent from Pro Photo Supply for a fair price.

Contact Rob at PPS and he will set you up.
Pro Photo Supply 1112 NW 19th Ave Portland, OR 97209
(503) 241-1112

COST: $50 per person.

Children under 18 are definitely welcome but must be accompanied by a paid and registered adult.

MEETING TIME: Please check our calendar of events for specific date, time and meeting place. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start time and be ready to start shooting immediately.


  1. Digital camera – DSLR or digital compact point and shot is fine.
  2. Please bring your camera’s manual. This is very important to maximize your time. If you don’t have a copy, most manufactures will have a copy online you can print or safe a tree and put in on a mobile device. Make sure you can access this device even if you are out of cell service.
  3. Fully charged batteries and backups, enough for 2.5 hours of shooting.
  4. Enough memory cards for 300 images.
  5. We are in Oregon so bring proper attire if the weather turns on us. Also good walking shoes or boots are mandatory depending on the class you sign up for.
  6. If you have extra lens please bring them. CRITICAL REMINDER please make sure any lens you bring is clean. More photographs are ruined due to a dirty lens than poor light.
  7. Bring either a small notebook and pen or better yet your smart phone or tablet with Evernote or notebook loaded.
  8. If you have an external flash and have used it or have that manual too, then bring it.


Photo Classes are rain or shine. Some of the best photos you will ever take are in adverse weather. Photo Classes are only canceled under extreme weather conditions and according to the discretion of the instructor. On the rare occasion that a photo class is canceled, you will receive a credit to participate in another photo class of your choice of equal or lesser value.