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Columbia River Gorge Day Trip

Rated: Easy pace, Lower mileage, Appropriate for all level of riders

Enjoy the scenic Columbia River Gorge on this leisurely paced bicycle tour. This ride will begin at Latourell Falls and end at either Multnomah Falls or Horsetail depending on the pace of the group. On this tour exploring the falls and enjoying the scenery is the focus. You will want to bring your camera to capture the amazing diversity of waterfalls that will appear before you while you ride the Historic Columbia River Highway. Our tour of the falls begins with Latourell and like the majority of the falls we will view; it is less than a 3 min hike from the road. Sheppards Dell is a quick mile down the road, followed by Bridal Veil. Bridal Veil is a slightly longer walk in but definitely worth it. Wahkeena Falls will present itself just before the majestic Multnomah Falls. This is the crown jewel in our ring of waterfalls

At Dog Star Adventure Tours we will provide you with plenty of time to take photos, learn some local history and do some individual exploring. Our guides can provide you with some local history, fun facts while insuring your safety. Our paramount goal for our Columbia River Gorge Day Trip is you having a fun bike ride in an area filled with people, cars and other cyclists. We do this by insisting on great communication with your guide. If you have questions just ask!!! If the guide wants to deliver information please listen.

This day trip will include lunch a long the way. Your guide will pull a B.O.B. trailer to hold your camera, extra clothing, or extra shoes. We will also have van support so if you get tired, get in the van. This trip is designed to give you a unique Columbia Gorge experience, no Lycra necessary.

What to bring:

You will need a bike, in good mechanical condition. If you have questions about your bike PLEASE contact us prior to the trip. If you need a bike we have partnered with Veloce Bicycles in Portland and for an additional $30 they will rent you a bike. If you have a rental car and no way to transport a rental bike, we will make arrangements to get the bike to the Gorge for you.

A modern bike helmet. (Note: if your helmet is older than 5 to 7 years, it is not going to protect your brain in the manner it would have new. If you need a helmet please contact us before we meet in the Gorge)

Clothing appropriate for the changing weather in the Columbia Gorge. Bring extra if you think you might get cold, wet or affected by strong wind. The van or the guide will carry this gear.

Two water bottles, mounted to your bike or a Camelbak type hydration pack.

A camera or smart phone and extra memory cards.

Bring an extra pair of shoes if you are concerned about a short hike in cycling shoes.

Dog Star Adventure Tours clients will be required to fill out a pre-trip liability waver. No exceptions. Also a pre-trip health questionnaire if you have ANY information your guide needs to know about your physical abilities. I can’t stress enough that clear communication is critical for us to enjoy a safe and fun day in the Columbia River Gorge. Thank you for understanding.