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Basic Stand Up Paddle Board Class

Dog Star Adventure is offering this 2 hour introductory lesson for first-time Stand Up Paddle Boarders. We will introduce the basic skills necessary for enjoying SUP safely and efficiently. We will begin the lesson with a short dry land segment; you’ll be introduced to the necessary equipment, important safety considerations and how to carry your board. We will proceed quickly to active learning, progressing from paddling on your knees to standing up. We will focus on the forward stroke, the essential paddle stroke to master SUP. We will demonstrate and have you practice, practice, repeat. We will also teach the techniques for turning, and stopping. The most important aspect of our class is that you have fun. You will have FUN!

Cost for the Basic SUP class is: $75 for one and $125 for two paddlers.

Bring the following items:

Swimsuit or board shorts, sun glasses & retention strap, water, waterproof camera