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Basic Road Cycling Series

For every rider dressed in a full kit, legs shaved, bombing down a hill at 55 mph there are tons of the “other” road riders. Those of us who like to ride our bikes; for leisure, stress reduction, to commute, for fitness, comradely, friendly competition and a myriad of other personal reasons. We enjoy the view from two wheels, experiencing the weather first hand, we mark our calendars with our charity rides and the knowledge of the group ride gets us through our workday. We are cyclists. That maturation did not happen over night. We all started out as neophytes. I had a paper route and got up at 5:30 a.m. before school to ride my bike and deliver the news. That taste of freedom has left an indelible mark; the bike and I have remained close friends since than.

At Dog Star Adventure Tours we want to share our passion for cycling with you. Our Basic Road Cycling series is the best way to become infused with this level of passion and excitement. Portland has many options for purchasing a bike but who is assisting you with your personal growth. Who is teaching you the rules of the road, how to be safe, change a flat, shift effectively, climb with power, descend efficiently, and over come any trepidation of interacting with traffic and ensure your bike is fit properly? Maybe friends, significant others, or a random club but how is that progressing? Dog Star Adventure takes the stress off of those individuals and you. Think of us as your cycling personal trainer. We keep the group size small because we want to focus on your needs and not simply shepherd you around. This is a dynamic experience that will make you a much smarter, fitter and confident cyclist. The series is designed to fit into your hectic schedule, you pick the day and time that works for you. We will either take you out as an individual or plug you into a class of riders of a similar level. Each class in the series will add more on and off bike knowledge. You decide what level of commitment you need to make to fulfill your expectations; we will be there to ensure you are successful.

This class is designed to improve your skills: whether you are a new rider, season veteran, a rider that has trepidation interacting with cars, or the business professional that has limited time to ride. We feel that we possess the skills to enhance your riding experience. This class is offered as a 6 session package.  We will cater the experience to your wants, needs and cycling desires. The sessions can all be on the road or split between road and hands-on classroom learning sessions.  You decide.

Please contact us for more information and to schedule your first class/ride.  This series is offered everyday...okay with a few exceptions.